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SCU Eligible Bachelors

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCU chapter.

In light of the recent wreckage of season 18 of The Bachelor, we have compiled a list of SCU gentleman who put Juan Pablo to shame.

Tolu Adeoye ‘15

He’s tall, dark and handsome, with a sense of humor you wouldn’t believe. Originally hailing from Canada, this guy is all you are going to be daydreaming “aboot”.  

Tolu claims to be above average when it comes to his dancing skills. “I am a mix of Chris Brown and Channing Tatum. Let me explain – whenever a song comes on and I do simple one-step, with a little cherry on top, I notice everyone looking at me the same way they did MJ (RIP) when he did his moonwalk.”

If his dancing skills intrigue you, just wait, there’s more: Tolu is a talented blogger! Check out his blog “Black Man Speaks” and you’ll be sure to let out a giggle or six. 


Matt Godar ‘16

You might know Matt as just another tall, tan water polo player, but he is truly a friendly giant who likes long walks on the beach. But really, this knight in shining armor has beauty and brains, and everyone knows blondes have more fun!

Make sure to cheer on the water polo team, and you might catch a glimpse of Matt scoring some goals in nothin’ but a speedo and one of those funny water polo caps.   


Mike Roletti ‘16

This hunky dreamboat is from LA, where the weather is as fine as its inhabitants. Mike’s favorite thing in a lady is personality. They have to be able to make him laugh, they have to be “the homie”, and they have to be a “goon” (Call me!).

Even though Mike’s best qualities include his charm, charisma, and confidence (otherwise known as “the triple-C threat”), one of the greatest things about him is that he will make you feel good about yourself. And this friendly dude always greets the ladies with a “Heyyy baby girl!  What’s good doe!?” – you can’t be in a bad mood around this guy!

Mike’s dream woman is Adriana Lima, of course, and his dream date would be hot air ballooning in the Swiss Alps – because it would be dope. 


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Keely is a junior at Santa Clara University, studying communication and creative writing.  She has a sense of humor, not to mention a talent for puns.  Keely is originally from sunny Arizona, but she absolutely loves her new home away from home at SCU.  Some of her passions include food, spending time with friends and family (including her 5 beautiful dogs), being active, and just having a good time.