Pros and Cons of Living with Your Best Friend

Housing – it’s quite possibly the most stressful decision you’ll make in your college career. Where are you going to live? Who are you going to live with? A tempting solution is to live with your best friend; however, before you make that decision, take a look at some pros and cons to living with your bestie.

Pro: You will always have someone to hang out with.

Whether you need a buddy to watch The Bachelor with or someone to grab lunch with, your bestie will be there.

Con: You might get a little sick of seeing each other.

It’s good to add a little variety to your social life. Living with your best friend and hanging out with them could put a strain on your friendship. 

Pro: You can share your news easily.

When you have a bad day and need a shoulder to cry on or when you ace a test and want to celebrate, it will be super convenient to have your best friend living with you.

Con: You might lose your favorite confidant.

No longer can you complain to your best friend about how annoying your roommate is being or vice versa.

Pro: You have someone to take care of you.

If you are sick in bed or missing home, your bestie will take care of you and make you feel better.

Con: You might argue – a lot.

You and your best friend might be two peas in a pod or you may be polar opposites, but spending that much time together will most likely increase your chances of bickering.

Pro: Sharing.

You’ll bond over more inside jokes and maybe be lucky enough to raid each other’s closets on occasion.

Pro and Con: Your friendship will change.

Living with someone will definitely change the dynamic of your friendship. You and your bestie might make the perfect pair of roommates or you might be better off living separately. Every friendship is different but it’s important to sit down and talk about both of your expectations. Also, it’s best not to assume you two will be good roommates just because you are friends.

So weigh the pros and cons of living with your best friend and evaluate your friendship before you jump into making the big decision!