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Productive Ways to Procrastinate

It’s week 9 and finals are approaching. You know you’re going to procrastinate so why not avoid the guilt and be productive? Here are my suggestions:

Make a to-do list

Who doesn’t like crossing off tasks on a list? This will both keep you organized as well as give you a sense of accomplishment.

Clean your room

I’m a huge stress cleaner. When the rest of your life is chaotic, studying and relaxing in a clean space can give you a sense of relief.


Map out your class schedule for next quarter. Research internships for the summer. Technically you’re getting ahead, so it doesn’t even count as procrastinating!

Try new things

I’m a huge fan of YouTube beauty tutorials. Test out your skills at a new smokey eye look. Experiment with a new hairstyle. You can never have enough beauty tricks up your sleeve!


Sweat off your worries and head to the gym! Those endorphins will put you in a better mood when you finally decide to sit down and work.

Get cooking

Look up some fun new recipes and test your skills in the kitchen. You can use your snacks as a reward for finally studying.

Procrastinating is almost inevitable and it’s totally okay to take breaks while studying. Watching Netflix is a staple but sometimes it’s fun to find some more creative ways to divert your attention. 

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