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Perks of Being the Youngest Sibling

You’ve probably heard it all before—the eldest child is the achiever, the middle is the peacemaker and the youngest is the life of the party. Here are 10 reasons why being the baby of the family is the best.

1. Parents are more lenient

By the time mom and dad have their last kid, they’ve loosened up a bit on the rules. Having more freedom means having a more independent personality—which goes perfectly with a later curfew than your siblings had.

2. Free stuff

Whether it be used video games from your brother or hand-me-down clothes from your sister, being the youngest means getting all the goods your siblings have outgrown.

3. Built-in best friends

You have your siblings growing up right alongside you. They don’t have to like you—but they’re stuck with you.

4. Baby of the family = less responsibility

As a youngster, you’re often deemed to be too little to help out because you get in the way of things. It’s pretty sweet though, because often it’s the family keeps this mentality for years.

5. Do things your siblings weren't allowed to do at your age

My brother and sister got cell phones when they were seniors in high school. For me, it was fifth grade.

6. Get away with a lot more

Ever fake-cried just to get a sibling in trouble? Same.

7. Take advantage of sibling's ages.

Whether it to be getting a ride to a friend’s house or having them sneak you some of their wine at a restaurant.

8. Never had awkward talks with the ‘rents

You always go to an older, wiser sibling first if you need advice, or your parents will send one of their first-borns to talk with you about “the birds and the bees.”

9. Spend time in the spotlight

Growing up as the youngest sibling means that you had to be extra funny to get attention from your parents, impress the siblings and come up with witty comebacks when they ask “why you hitting yourself?”

10. Grow up with a thick skin

You’re used to being kicked, punched, and called mean names. After you’ve been told you’re adopted 454637 times, nothing can bother you.

Shout out to the older sibs for shaping us into the collegiettes we are today!

Erin is a sophomore Features Writer for Her Campus Santa Clara. Her spirit animal is a sloth. 
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