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Mock Border Wall

Monday morning, you might have stepped out of Benson and found yourself faced with an obstacle. You might have turned to your friends and asked, “What the heck is this fence doing here?” That would be the Mock Border Wall (or the MBW) set up every year by SCCAP.

The MBW is set up on a main part of campus to represent how difficult it is for people to cross the US/Mexico border. For us, it is a fraction of the annoyance that these people have to deal with. The wall is set up with posters and artwork to show the struggles people have when crossing the border and to bring awareness to particular issues surrounding the border. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by this year, make sure to talk to one of the people camped out by the wall next year! 


Natalie started as Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus Santa Clara in the fall of 2014. She is a senior English major, and no, she doesn't want to be a teacher. If she has any free time, chances are you'll find her reading with a cup of tea at her side or lying in bed binge-watching Netflix. 
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