Meet Katie Scheer

Orientation leader? Check. Engineer? Check. APB? Check. Member of Alpha Kappa Psi? Check. President of Alpha Phi? Check. Is there anything senior Katie Scheer has not done? From taking classes entitled “Concrete” and “Timber”, to tackling security issues surrounding her sorority, to working the front desk in Graham Hall and Kennedy Commons, there’s very little within the Santa Clara community that Katie has not done.

Back in high school, young Katie wanted to be an architect. When she was accepted to SCU and decided to go, she had to shift her dreams to accommodate Santa Clara’s lack of an architecture major. Currently, Katie is a civil engineer with a job as a project engineer lined up post-graduation. She would eventually like to move into project management because, as she put it, she’s “good at the management part, but not good at the engineering.”

When asked about being the president of Alpha Phi, Katie responds very positively. She says that it is a very rewarding job, and she trusts herself and her team to accomplish big things for the sorority. After talking to her for a while about it, it’s evident that Katie is passionate about what she does for Alpha Phi and the lovely ladies she has met because of it. However, she is understandably at constant worry. When she is sitting in class, she tends not to think about the class, but instead the safety of all 150-some girls in her sorority. Her phone is nearly always going off with concerns and questions that her fellow sisters need answers to.

But Katie Scheer isn’t all business. We have perhaps never met a girl as invested in college basketball as Katie Scheer. Her first, second, and third loves are, in order: Creighton Basketball, Kyle Korver, and Doug McDermott. Kyle Korver was an All American at Creighton, shooting 47% from the field and 45% from the three-point line. He currently plays for the Atlanta Hawks. McDermott currently plays for the Bulls,and after a phenomenal collegiate career, has been struggling a little in the pros. However, Katie has not lost her faith, and apparently her grandma is just as obsessed with McDermott as she is.

She is also a beer die phenom. During her first game, Scheer had a splash down on her second ever throw. Beyond that, she has had two back-to-back splash downs in one game. When asked about this, Katie said “I’m not good, I’m just lucky”.

When asked what her favorite moment at Santa Clara has been so far, Katie responded mysteriously with “Just a fat glass of legendary hot chocolate. That’s all you need to know. If you put that into the article, the people that need to know what that means will know what that means.”