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Jaelin McCreary ’14

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCU chapter.




Name:  Jaelin McCreary

Hometown:  Oakland, CA

School Year:  Sophomore

Major:  Computer Engineering

Residence Hall/Living:  Graham

Zodiac Sign:  Aries


SCU Life

Where is your favorite place on campus?  My room because of my bed.

Favorite subject/class? Math/Calculus.

What is your favorite SCU event?  Love Jones #GoIGWE

What is your most embarrassing SCU moment?  My stomach growled really loud for like ten seconds during a midterm.

What’s one thing you want to do before you graduate?  Go skydiving.

Favorite food in Benson? The Lion King sushi roll – I eat that all the time.


Fun Facts

Describe yourself in 3 words:  Sarcastic. Energetic (I’m jumpy). And I’m kind of nerdy.

What is your spirit animal?  Wolf.

Dream job:  Anything at NASA!

Guilty Pleasure:  Roasted seaweed.

Hobbies:  Playing my ukulele, volleyball, and singing.

Celebrity crush:  Colton Hayes

Pet Peeves:  People who ask too many questions… hint, hint, JK.

#1 Most Played Song on your iPod:  “Good Intro” by Chance the Rapper

Random Fact About Yourself:  I’m trying to learn to speak Korean on my own.



Favorite Dance Move:  The shopping cart

Favorite TV Show:  Scandal. Hell yeah.

Favorite Animal:  Wolf

Favorite Restaurant:  Lil’ Shin Shin (Chinese)

Favorite Color:  Maroon


Love Life

Relationship status:  Taken

Favorite date you’ve been on:  A picnic at the beach. That was pretty beautiful.

Deal-breakers:  People who are full of themselves and not motivated.

Deal-makers:  Good sense of humor and people who are motivated.

First thing you notice in a guy:  Eyes


This or That

Hot dog or hamburger?  Hamburger with cheese. A cheeseburger.

Early bird or night owl?  Night owl, fasho.

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate

Heels or flats? Flats

Calling or texting?  Calling

Pancakes or waffles?  Pancakes with chocolate chips