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It’s Time to Stop Forging the Path of Least Resistance

We have all heard of the phrase “the path of least resistance” at some point in life. In our technology-driven age, the path of least resistance is becoming easier to take. The Internet gives us instant gratification for anything we want to find, connects us to people near and far; it even fits in our pockets. We are able to take shortcuts and forge new ways of doing things through this technology, creating a path of least resistance for ourselves.

But that isn’t necessarily a good thing.

I have discovered that our generation has gotten so used to the path of least resistance that we have gotten lazy. We become easily frustrated when we cannot find the information we are searching for. We ask other people to do something for us instead of trying to see if we are capable of doing it ourselves.

I’ve seen the path of least resistance lead people to things as big as paying someone to write a paper for them, to as little as texting someone to bring them a tissue. These people are relying on other people to do things that they should be doing for themselves.

We are no longer self-sufficient beings. Our generation has come to rely on our technology too heavily, and it is going to hurt us in the long run.

Being self-sufficient does not mean that you have to block yourself off from the world. It does not mean that you have to swear off all modern technology and join the Amish. It just means using technology better.

Instead of giving up when you cannot find what you are immediately searching for, try finding it a different way. Analyze what you are getting from your first search, and amend it based on what you see. When you see a task that you aren’t sure you can do, give it a try. Look at every angle of it, inspect it, and research it before you give up.

Being self-sufficient also does not mean that you cannot reach out to others. Asking for help is a crucial part of life. The problem develops when we do not take the information or skills that other people show us and instead rely on that other person to simply do it for us.

If we do not start changing some things about the way we think, we are going to be facing some big issues, especially in our jobs. In order to really do a good job in any workplace, you need to be able to anticipate the needs of others and have a full understanding of your position. This means that you cannot constantly be running to your superior asking where things are or how to do things. Asking clarifying questions, on the other hand, can show your boss that you have fully looked through a project and have a commitment to getting it done properly.

Forging the path of least resistance is an idea that needs to be put away. It is on the path of resistance that we learn, gain skills, and discover our work ethic. Don’t be afraid of a little work every once in a while. As Aristotle said, “Happiness belongs to the self-sufficient.”

Natalie started as Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus Santa Clara in the fall of 2014. She is a senior English major, and no, she doesn't want to be a teacher. If she has any free time, chances are you'll find her reading with a cup of tea at her side or lying in bed binge-watching Netflix. 
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