I Hate Bralettes

Whenever I walk past a store selling wispy, whimsical bralettes, I’m tempted to buy one. But then I remember- wait…bralettes suck.

I have breasts. Not trying to toot my own horn (or in this case, honk my own boob) but they’re decently sized. They can barely be contained within a bra, much less a delicate piece of lace with no underwire.

I own exactly two—a creamy halter neck and a black racerback. One is a size large, the other a size medium, and yet neither of them fit me correctly! And don’t even joke about me going braless. It’s not an option.

Sometimes when scrolling through my social media, I see artsy pictures of tumblr-esque girls in minimalist apartments wearing minimalist lingerie. This usually includes some kind of transparent bralette with unnecessary straps that her flat chest looks amazing in. I’m not trying to body-shame by stating members of the itty bitty titty committee look better in bralettes, I’m actually praising them—they can rock the look, and that’s great for them.

But for myself? Bralettes just don’t work for me. Plus, the ones I currently own are fraying all over the place. That could also just be because of my lazy college girl laundry habits, but idk.