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How To Look Cool For Prospective Students

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCU chapter.


Let’s all take a moment to think back on applying to college (sorry, yes, we’re going there).  Maybe you’re thinking of the beloved Common App, lectures from your parents, or spending your Saturdays in some random high school cafeteria taking the SAT.  But remember the moment that you discovered that college is actually a real place and not just a webpage where you can click a tab to learn about “Academics,” “Student Life,” and “Athletics”?  You bet that moment was life changing…and it’s called the college visit.

Whether you visited an older friend, an older sibling, or did the traditional college tour, it was the crucial way that allowed you to get a feel for the campus and, ultimately, decided whether or not you wanted to attend.  As college visit season is upon us, increasing numbers of applicants will be on campus and it is our responsibility as SCU students to help make the best impression and help show them that Santa Clara really is the happiest, coolest, and most fun school on Earth.  Obviously, SCU speaks for itself and prospies are dying to come here regardless.  Let’s just make sure they have a visit to remember.

Whether you are hosting someone or just walking by a tour group, here are some ways to seal the deal:

  1. Look cool when walking by tour groups.  While prospective students may look so genuinely interested in learning about the history of Mission Church, remember what they’re really thinking about when they watch you walk by.  You are a REAL college student and you bet they’re scrutinizing your every move.  Put on some sunglasses when walking through Benson…nothing says “cool” like a hangover on a Tuesday morning.
  2. Shout “Happy Birthday!” to the tour guide.  Who doesn’t love a birthday? At Santa Clara, it’s always someone’s birthday. Who’s the tour group to know any better, anyway?
  3. Convince your guest that dorm life is one big co-ed slumber party.  (Hide the fact that you have to do laundry, walk down the hall to shower, live with a roommate, and hear “Wake up Swig!” yelled every night).
  4. Did I mention that Swig is 11 STORIES HIGH?!  Taking the elevator in the tallest building in Santa Clara is awesome.  It never stops on every floor, making you late to class.
  5. Benson food never gets old!
  6. School exists on the side, and homework just does itself.  
  7. Everyone knows each other!!!  Say hi really enthusiastically to anybody you know/recognize/have seen from afar/don’t even know.  College is where you meet 5,000 new best friends, right?
  8. What are police?  The parties never stop.
  9. NO PARENTS!!!  You’ll never miss them, and homesickness is actually just an urban legend.
  10. You’ll ONLY find this at Santa Clara….(I heard every other college has a 1 o’clock curfew).