How to get through Midterms with the HC Survival Kit

The new HC Survival Kit is here! And this time, it’s here to help us make it through midterms with flying colors. It has everything you need to stay calm, relaxed, and organized for this busy time.

The Erin Condren Hardbound Life Planner is your first step to midterm success. With the big open layout, you have plenty of room to plan out your study schedule. Make sure to plan a few study breaks so you don’t go too crazy!

When you go to the library for long hours and basically take up residence, it’s important to pack some snacks! Spindrift Sparkling Water is not only a great soda alternative, but it’s incredibly tasty! It’s a sparkling water that uses real fruit juice to add a nice hint of flavor without all the sugar. But if you do need a sugar fix, be sure to bring your Hi-Chew candies along. Their chewy texture and juicy flavor is sure to distract you from all the cramming you’re doing.

After your long day of studying, essay writing, and power napping in the library, it’s time to relax and let your brain calm down. It’s a perfect time to do a Freeman Beauty mask! Their Feeling Beautiful line uses fresh botanicals to relax, smooth and moisturize your skin. It’s a perfect way to wash the day away and catch up on some much deserved relaxation.

So, with these helpful tips, you’re ready to take on midterms. Good luck, Broncos!