Alpha Pi Sigma

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Claudia Portugal, the current president of Santa Clara University’s Alpha Pi Sigma. Here’s what I learned:

Alpha Pi Sigma is a multicultural, Latina based sorority on campus. The sorority itself was founded in the 1990s in San Diego. The Kappa Chapter, located here at SCU, was established on August 7th 2010. The chapter consists of 24 girls with 5 active members currently attending Santa Clara. While their chapter is small, they find it easier to bond with every member whether that’s through studying together or taking spontaneous trips to explore the Bay Area.

This sorority is proud of its focus on professionalism, academics, and community service. The girls are passionate about giving back to the Latino community whether they volunteer at Sacred Heart, pick up trash at local San Jose parks, or help distribute lunches to the less fortunate.

In addition to helping the community, the girls themselves benefit from being members of Alpha Pi Sigma as the sorority provides opportunities for them to network for jobs and internships as well as meet with their alumni members.

When asked what her favorite thing about Alpha Pi Sigma is, Claudia responded, “Since we are smaller, we get to bond more and learn more about our sisters. We have a close community. I like that it is Latina based because we can focus on the richness of our culture and focus on who we really are.”

Make sure to support Alpha Pi Sigma in their various activities and fundraisers!