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Why We Need A Final Season of “New Girl”

We've been blessed with 6 seasons of New Girl, and what a ride it has been. There are 2 episodes left of New Girl season 6 and rumors are swirling that there will be no season 7...can you imagine?!

I've done my Googling and researching and have concluded that many people believe it is in Fox's best interest to give New Girl it's cut, but I say...not yet! It appears that this is the end, so many revelations and growth for the characters we've loved and held near and dear to our heart. Cece and Schmidt got married, and moved out of the loft, they got their own home and remodeled it, Winston has an amazine career as a police officer and is engaged with awesome Aly, we will finally learn Schmidt's first name, and Nick and Jess are finally creeping back to each other. 

Jake Johnson aka Nick Miller has stated his doubt of a season 7, but I want to plead the fan's case to Fox.

We've been told that the season finale (which could be the series finale) will end in a way that leaves fans satisfied, and without unanswered questions. However, I know I wouldn't be satisfied with ending on just a kiss between Jess and Nick, yes this will confirm a romantic reconciliation between the main couple of New Girl, but without a season 7 we will never know what happened after.

We won't get to see Jess and Nick get that forever after we've been so desperately itching for since season 1. I think Ness fans everywhere deserve to see what their relationship can now be that they've both grown as people, and as friends.

Will we even get to see Winston get married? Winston is completely underrated, he is hilarious and sweet, and he's engaged now. Will we not get to see a Winston and Aly wedding?

What about the loft? Will Jess and Nick get married and leave the the loft, a sign of maturity and growth in the characters and them all moving on, like the breaking of Schmidt's Douchbag Jar in the season 5 finale "Landing Gear". Or will they stay in the loft, keeping the door open for their married friends to come and go as they please?

Even if we get some topics tied up at the end of the season, there will still be many other moments that we are left wondering about. I think all New Girl fans, like myself, would love an entire season 7 to wrap things up, but we understand that it might not be totally possible. If all we can get is 10 episodes to wrap things up nicely, we would be immensely grateful.

Fox, from New Girl fans everywhere, please renew New Girl for one more season.


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