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Waiting for Thanksgiving Break As Told By Michael Scott

The fall semester is very clearly tough because it is so long, and there are literally no breaks in between. We get one day at the beginning of the semester and then nothing until Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It can be tough, work, work, work, and not a moment to lay back and forget about responsibilities? It’s rough, but the last week and couple days before Thanksgiving break always has us itching for the few days we have off, and no one gets us like Michael Scott does.

1. Excitement because break is finally in sight and you’ll be able to rest, and live life outside of school, and assignments!!

2. Determination to finish the last few days before break with a bang even though you’re feeling a little desperate, and crazy

3. Impatience begins to settle in because the days seems to be taking longer than anticipated

4. Annoyance because professors are assigning final projects and you don’t want to have to think about it during your break

5. Vacation finally arrives and you realize all your stress and anger was unnecessary because everything comes at its time.. 


SCSU Campus Correspondant. Communication major, journalism minor.
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