Sarah Vedder An SCSU Photographer

We see photographs all the time in magazines, newspapers, books, on billboards. Photographs are everywhere but do we ever pause to think "who took that picture?" Not normally.

Photographers, like SCSU's Sarah Vedder, must have an eye for art. Photography is not only putting a camera to your eye and clicking the button. It is about knowing the subject, and the angle, knowing just when to snap the photo to get the perfect image. And sometimes the perfect image happens by accident, the photo was taken too soon or too late, but it is the one.

Sarah has loved photography since the 7th grade, "I was attending Betsy Ross Arts middle school. The school had a dark room with film cameras. Soon after that my grandfather gave me the best gift of a Canon digital camera. I have been steadily taking pictures for about 7 years."

Although Sarah has had difficulty finding confidence in her work people close to her believe in her abilities, "My dad believes I could be a National Geographic photographer, and my friends agree. They think I should immerse myself entirely in photography." And though Sarah loves photography she does not believe she would like to make it her career, "I don’t want to depend on something I love to make me money. If my photography can intertwine somehow with my career, I will do it; if not, it’s okay."

Sarah's advice to those who want to persue a career in art? "I have always believed that if you want to make a career in Art, you should just do it. You can’t wait around for a degree and expect it to happen."

"You must come up with ideas, learn the techniques and mechanics of course, but start applying your skills. Start a blog, photograph everything or everyone. It is a risk, but if you know that’s what you want, you must take it."


Cover & Images: Sarah Vedder