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Meet Chloe Gorman, Future Cosmo Girl?

SCSU junior Chloe Gorman currently holds the position of Copy Editor for Southern News, our campus paper. Majoring in journalism, and recently joining our Her Campus SCSU team she’s loved magazines for as long as she can remember.

“I used to read magazines all of the time, usually the ones that cater to teens and middle schoolers like J-14, Tiger Beat, and M” says Gorman.

As she got older and her interests matured she began to read different magazines, “I started reading Teen Vogue and Seventeen.” Gorman says now that she has more responsiblities it is harder to find time to read magazines. When she does find a window of freetime she enjoys to read Cosmopolitan, and Ms. Magazine.

“I really like Cosmopolitan and Ms. Magazine because of the different topics they cover. Ms. does an especially good job of covering different issues when it comes to women’s rights and Cosmo has the perfect balance of news and lifestyle stories” says Gorman.

Gorman is working towards becoming something spectacular, “One day I hope to edit Cosmo or another entertainment and lifestyle magazine, it is my dream to live in NYC and live in that fast-paced environment.”

Photos: Chloe Gorman

SCSU Campus Correspondant. Communication major, journalism minor.
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