Mariah Rivera: Southern's Next Top Model

Mariah Rivera is a Southern Connecticut State University junior who has a lot on her plate.  Rivera is an education major who aspires to be a teacher, ever since she was young she has longed to teach. Her passion for teaching started at a young age and grew as Rivera got older, with that passion grew a great work ethic that transcended the academic world.

Rivera has many hobbies and interests, and as the years went on her list of interests grew. Rivera currently takes part in various activities such as go-carting, modeling, and singing.  Rivera also has a job and is juggling her school work load and personal life.

Rivera has been around the world of go-cart racing since she was young.  Rivera’s dad raced go-carts since before she was born, she said growing up in the fast pace car racing world allowed her to gain an appreciation and love for the sport.  Rivera has been behind the wheel since she was old enough to reach the peddles.

Racing isn’t the only thing Rivera grew up with.  Her mother is a singer and has passed her talents onto her daughter, Rivera has worked with local music producers to create covers of popular songs in recent years.  With the producers she has worked with in the past she has built up a repertoire of usable tracks that can be used in her portfolio. To build her portfolio further, Rivera also models in her free time.  Rivera has worked with many photographers in the past and is continuing to work with new photographers on new photoshoots.

Rivera has started building a brand for herself.  Over recent years Rivera has started gaining a following on social media.  Currently her Instagram profile has almost 4,000 followers. According to Rivera, it is important to have a strong brand to stand behind, she started Riah Rose Productions, a multifaceted brand that highlights Rivera’s strengths.  Rivera has branded herself as a singer and a model, and has reached out to different brands via LinkedIn.

Photo credit: Jake Lord via instagram @riahrose15