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How to Get Your Dorm or Room Looking Cute & Cozy This Semester

If you have not yet moved into your dorm, are still looking to make it home, or are looking to upgrade your room at home and need ideas it can be pretty stressful to figure out what you’re going for. Below are some cute ideas that might appeal to a variety of people with a variety of tastes!

You can go for something like this but accommodate to your own space. If you have a smaller space to work with try finding similar items that will not take up too much of your space, or if you have more space to fill you can add a few more items to the rest of your room! This look is very gentle and cozy, and if you’re missing your friends and family you can hang their pictures on sections of your walls with strings and clips, or put them in frames!

If you do not have too much to hang on your walls, or are not a big fan of too many different things hanging you can cover up the space with something cute like the tapestry above. You can find different tapestries on different websites and stores including Urban Outfitters, Amazon, etc. and they range from designs like the one you see above (in all kinds of colors) to your favorite fictional characters, the world map, and more!

If you prefer something a little more organized the look above is for you! You want your pictures on your wall but you don’t want them scattered around, or hanging on ropes therefore large frames where you can fit multiple pictures would be ideal. If you want to keep the lights you can go with the lantern kind like the ones above, or you can also choose fairy lights. And a pillow with closed eyes is just the frosting on the cake, so cute!

Let’s say your school doesn’t allow lights, that’s okay! This look is for a music fanatic, a tapestry with your favorite band’s name on it, posters of the musicians you love, and casual bed set will give you those cozy music vibes.

There are many ways to decorate your dorm/room and hopefully you can take a little bit of inspiration of the rooms shown here!


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