Homebody Freshman: Yanet Garcia

Freshman year of college can be extremely daunting, what will your journey be like? That is one question freshman, Yanet Garcia asked herself time and again.

"I was really nervous, excited but nervous," says Garica. "I knew I would be okay but it didn't stop be from stressing out over it."

But Garcia soon realized after she got to campus that she would be more than okay.

"I felt at home, it was weird, but as soon as I got the hang of the campus and just college in general, it felt like I had been there forever."

It can be hard for new students to adjust, especially if they are living on campus but Garcia commutes, "I get my fair share of college life, and home life. I think it is neccessary for me, I'm a homebody so being around my family is very important to me."