A Broadway Dream for Vittoria Cristante

SCSU freshman Vittoria Cristante is dreaming of a land far away from that of normality. Having participated in dance competition, and singing since she was a child her passion for her  dreams are only intensifing. That dream? Broadway.

The dream began all the way back when she was only a baby, "I think one of my most vivid memories as a kid is going to see Grease at my local highschool when I was 3 or 4," says Vittoria.

It might not seem like attending the production could have had much to do with Vittoria's broadway dreams but the smallest details can affect someone profoundly.

"My family was close with a guy who was playing one of the greasers, so he was able to get me a signed poster and get me to meet everyone from the show," says Vittoria. "And of course, being that age, these people are like movie stars."

Vittoria believes this experience lead to her passion for performance, and ultimately her desire to be on broadway.

I think this was low-key what started my interest in any kind of performing," says Vittoria.

Vittoria is majoring in theater at SCSU, but already has a past when it comes to performing on stage for an audience. The first full circle moment? Getiing to play Rizzo in her high school's production of "Grease" on the very same stage, and production that sparked her interest.

"The best part of it all was that, 13 years later, my senior year, I played Rizzo in Grease on the very same stage," says Vittoria. "It was kind of like a dream come true, and I can honestly owe it to seeing that performance in 2003."

We are all dreaming with you, Vittoria. Keep working hard, Broadway is waiting.


Cover & Photos: Vittoria Cristante