6 Fun Things To Do This Halloween

As you get older you might think that Halloween is no longer for you. Older kids, teenagers, and young adults often get shamed for trick or treating but that doesn't mean you can't get in on the fun. Here are some fun things you can do this Halloween season, because Halloween isn't just for the kids!

1. Go to a Haunted attraction

Whether it's a graveyard, maze, house, or any other season Halloween attraction, it is always fun to get spooked by witches and ghouls with your friends.

2. Throw a spooky costume party

Plan a party with your friends and decorate with cobwebs, skeletons, pumpkins etc. You can even do research on how to make Halloween drinks, and snacks for added spirit! You can also decide whether it's themed, or everyone can come dressed up in any costume they choose!

3. Have a scary movie night

Stay in, make some popcorn, and binge horror movies like "Halloween", "The Exorcist", and "The Witch".

4. Carve pumpkins

No matter what your age, carving pumpkins is always fun when done with friends. Everyone wants to have the best pumpkin, but carving is a lot easier said than done.

5. Ouija board foolishness

If you don't believe in the real power behind a Ouija board, you might be up to test it out. I'll pass though.

6. Have a bonfire

Warm, and cozy. You can make some s'mores and enjoy the brisk air as you're warmed by the fire.


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