Why Spring Semester At The University of Scranton Is The Best

Spring semester marks the halfway point of our academic year. We come back from intercession refreshed (or in most cases, with a messed up sleeping cycle) and ready to finish out the year. Spring semester has many perks that in my opinion, make it so much better than fall! Although fall is pretty, fall is the start of the cold, nasty weather. Spring, on the other hand, wraps everything up – from the cold weather, to the packing up our rooms and going home for the summer. Here are some of the many reasons why I believe spring semester at the U is the best semester!

1. Anticipation of snow days

We come back in the peak of winter, when snow days are highly possible! Although we haven’t gotten any luck this semester (only a half day…), looking at the weather and continuously looking out the window hoping for a blizzard is exciting.


2. The roller coaster that is weather


One day it’s 70 degrees, the next day it’s 30. One second it’s sunny, the next second it’s snowing, then back to sunny. Scranton’s weather pattern never fails to surprise us and make us confused as to what we should wear. But at this point, does the weather really shock us?! I’d take a 70 degree day over a bitter, cold 10 degree day anytime!

3. Parade Day

Enough said.

4. Trading our parkas and duck boots in for shorts and sandals

5. Dages (or Darties…whichever way you say it!)


6. Days get longer

Yes, time springs forward. Although we lose an hour of sleep, who doesn’t love having a longer day with more sunlight?! Especially when you get to catch those Scranton sunsets later in the evening.


7.  “The Green” melts

And everyone finally sits on and around it again. We come out of hibernation to bask in the sun, and campus finally looks alive again!

8. A.C. gets turned back on

Even though the heat feels real nice on the bitter, cold days, the heat in the dorms can get sweltering. And on a 70 degree in February day, sweltering heat is not ideal.

9. Spring Fest

Again, enough said.

10 Puppies and other pets come to the green

Probably my favorite part of spring semester is seeing all the puppies (and other animals) play on the green. THANK YOU to the generous owners who bring them and let me and others pet them and wish they were ours!

While spring semester is great for many reasons, it’s certainly bittersweet. We finish our academic year, and look on to the next semester – figuring out new housing and possibly new roommates. We celebrate with and say goodbye to some of our favorite seniors. While each semester feels like it passes with the blink of an eye, it’s important to savor every second of spring semester with our friends; because after all, spring semester is the last hoorah in Scranton for many of us.