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Why Noah Kahan is one of the best music artists

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

In October 2022, I stumbled upon one of Noah Kahan’s songs titled “Stick Season”, and from that moment on I have grown to love all his songs so much.

I don’t know why I loved that song so much, but I think it had something to do with the song fitting so well with the fall season vibes at the time. From that fall season to now a year later, I listen to his music for almost every occasion. I need background music to study, or I want some songs to dance and sing to, so I put on my Noah Kahan playlist.

I went to Hawaii during winter intersession last year and the whole time on the plane rides I blared all his songs in my noise-canceling headphones. The whole world around me disappeared. His songs radiate such happiness and loving vibes it makes me so happy and content listening to any of his songs.

My favorite songs of his are “Call Your Mom”, “Everywhere Everything”, “All My Love”, “Growing Sideways”, “Dial Drunk”, “The View Between Villages”, “Northern Attitude”, and of course, “Stick Season.” I truly love every single one of his songs, either new or old. I could list them all, but if I did have to pick those are my top favorites.

His songs have helped me so much through my first year of college, getting over my fear of planes, being able to dance and sing a little more, and becoming so much happier by listening to his songs and radiating happiness. I have never been set on listening to one artist for a long period of time, but I can say with certainty that I could probably listen to Noah Kahan’s songs on repeat forever.

Noah Kahan’s songs are for everyone, and I have never met a person yet who has not liked at least one of his songs. He makes his songs for everyone to enjoy.

Noah Kahan has been becoming so popular that he will be playing two nights at Madison Square Garden next summer and going on another tour!! I am still over the moon that I was able to see him live this past summer in June at Radio City Music Hall.

I am a total concert girlie and hearing my favorite songs live was such a surreal moment for me. His songs can resonate with any listener and whatever stage of your life you are at right now Noah Kahan’s songs are some of the best to listen to.

If you have never listened to a Noah Kahan song before or have only heard a few on the radio, this is your sign to go listen to one of his songs!!

Julie Rubino

Scranton '26

Hi my name is Julie! I'm a marketing major at the University of Scranton. I love to read, exercise, go to beaches, drink coffee, and write. Two passions of mine are business and photography!