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Why “Foolish one” girls are “Logical” girls

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

If you are a Swiftie, chances are you have also listened to Olivia Rodrigo’s new album Guts which she released almost three weeks ago. I noticed common themes between both Oliva Rodrigo’s songs and Taylor Swift’s. If you related to “Foolish one,” you also probably would also relate to “Logical” from Olivia’s new album. Here is why “Foolish one” girls are “Logical” girls.

“Foolish One” by Taylor Swift was released as a vault track in Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). A vault track just means that she wrote this song when her album came out originally, but only released the vault tracks during her re-recordings. Taylor being 19 when she wrote this, might further explain some feelings she had. This song is for the hopeless romantics who wait for someone to come around that never will. It opens by saying that her, “cards are on the table,” followed by, “chances are tonight you already got plans.” I think at some point everyone has felt this way so it is even more relatable when after that Taylor says, “and chances are I will talk myself to sleep again.”

For all the delulu girls out there, we all know what it’s like to push down our negative emotions and reassure ourselves falsely things will still work out. I think this is especially relatable for girls who are around the age 19 and in their earlier college years. All the situationship girlies can relate to the line, “You give me just enough attention to keep my hopes too high / Wishful thoughts forget to mention when somethings really not right / And I will block out these voices of reason in my head.”

If you are not sure what a situationship is, I could best explain it by being in the space between a committed relationship but more than friendship. So, you and the other person both know you are more than friends but without the label. And usually, one person likes the other person more. While they are not actually relationships, emotions for the other person can be just as strong as if you were in a relationship, and sometimes unhealthy and emotionally draining.

The situationship girlies also will heavily relate to the chorus where Taylor says, “And the voices say, ‘You are not the exception You will never learn your lesson’ / Foolish one stop checkin’ your mailbox for confessions of love / That ain’t never gonna come / You will take the long way, you will take the long way down.”

If your situationship doesn’t develop into a relationship and you realize you should call it quits, in very few words, you will feel foolish. Girls who have been through this will still believe there is hope left even when the other person doesn’t have feelings anymore. Taylor later talks about how she doesn’t know what to call her situation, but she knows she can not call the other person hers, because they were never together. She keeps hoping the other person will come around and even fantasize about them being friends when they’re older

and laughing about the situation they were in. Once again, it hits her that she is “not the exception” and he will not come around, forcing her to face reality and move on.

On a hopeful note, at the end of the song, she re-enters reality and confronts her situation, admitting that she should have walked out. Taylor then says, “The day is gonna come for your confessions of love / When all is said and done / He just wasn’t the one / No, he just wasn’t the one.” Although it might feel like your heart is being ripped out of your chest at the moment, and the heartbreak will never end, you have to realize that if that person didn’t want to be in your life, they are not the one for you. At the age of 19 and even in your early twenties it can be easy to think you will never find anyone else but, that person will come for you when you least expect it.

Similar to this, “Logical” by Olivia Rodrigo is about being in the same delulu mindset and thinking you found the one, but you didn’t. She talks about putting herself “through hell” for her person and later admitting it was made up in her mind. She says that, “Now the current’s stronger / No, I couldn’t get out if I tried / But you convinced me, baby It was all in my mind.” In this line she is expressing what it feels like when you like somebody. Because at first, you might think they like you back but in reality, they could just be leading you on.

It is also easy to make up a different version of the person you like in your head but, like Olivia realized, she was in too deep and made up a version of this guy in her head. She then continues to the chorus where she talks about the main theme of the song, love being illogical. Olivia writes, “And now you got me thinkin’ two plus two equals five and I’m the love of your life, / ‘Cause if rain don’t pour and sun don’t shine then changing you is possible / No, love is never logical.” Olivia is expressing that when you like or love someone it is easy to take everything as a sign they like you back.

It is almost impossible to not take someone’s red flags and see them as green ones, but in reality this relationship is probably not a healthy one. She expresses over and over again that love is not logical because there is no way to explain why you will do the things you do. In the next stanza, she writes, “You built a giant castle with walls so high I couldn’t see / The way it all unraveled and all the things you did to me / You lied, you lied, you lied.” Olivia is expressing how she was blinded by the good times, that she dismissed the bad times or didn’t see them at all.

When you are in a toxic relationship it can be hard to leave because people never remember the bad memories, but it is the good ones that come to mind. Some guys might see how infatuated girls are with them and take advantage of how they feel about them. This stanza shows she was taken advantage of, and some guy lied about how he felt about her to get what he wants.

Finally at the end of the song, she acknowledges that she is half responsible for what happened because it takes two people to be in a relationship and she could have stopped it if she wanted to. I think this reinforces her point of the song and love not being logical because there is no explanation for why she didn’t stop it.

“Foolish one” girls are “Logical” girls because they are songs for the delulu girls and hopeless romantics who will believe everything will work out in the end. Even though these songs don’t have the happiest tones, it is important to know that you will get through the heartbreak you feel like you won’t in the moment. There is nothing wrong with believing things will work out and not knowing when to walk away

from a situation. At some point in everyone’s life, I think they feel foolish or as if love is not logical and that is okay. Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo wrote these songs for the girls who have felt this way at some point in their life.

Alex Dipre

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