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Who I Identify With Out of My Big Three

Happy astrology week! Over the past year I have really enjoyed learning about astrology and zodiacs. One of Campus Correspondent’s, Carly Long, introduced me to this world and I love it! I am a Virgo, with a Cancer Moon and an Aquarius Rising. I think this describes me to a “T” in ways. What can I say, I am hardworking young woman with a sensitive side and have unique characteristics and interests? The “Big 3” is important t ross me three times and you’re done. Loyalty is a big virtue for Virgos, and I feel as if we both possess that.  

Virgo Sun 

It means the world to me that my queen and I not only have the same sun but also the same rising. ZENDAYA. I feel this weird spiritual connection with her. Maybe we were sisters in another life. I understand her work ethic, anxiety and her humor. I just think she is such a good soul. We both have that mentality of cross me three times and you’re done. Loyalty is a big virtue for Virgos, and I feel as if we both possess that.  

Cancer Moon 

I have always felt that I am a spicy, energetic person. I am very understanding and want the best for others. Shakira and I are both Cancer Moons. The moon is where you carry your emotions and I feel like I not only care my emotions but others as well. Shakira is such an empathetic, caring person. We both are outwardly affectionate because how we were raised. Shakira is Argentinean and Lebanese and I am Italian and Irish. Those are cultures that are taught to love and respect others.  

Aquarius Rising 

We all know here that I will live and die for the Kardashians. My girl, Khloe K, and I are both Aquarius risings. I think are humors are similar and have witty comebacks with sass. The “mask” we display is that we are openminded and intellectual. We may have unconventional interests that intrigue others but that is why we are unique. We both carry that bad bitch energy that is hard to come around but also could feel very insecure at times.