"Where Did It Go?" Scranton Edition

Have any of you Scranton students found yourself recently reminiscing on the past? Have you noticed any items, events or fads that have long since disappeared out of nowhere? Have you found yourself asking, “Where TF have these things gone?” Well fear not, as have I, and I am here to reminisce with you.


Where did it go?!

1. Squirrels

The squirrel population is lowering. Is it me or are there fewer of them trotting around campus? In retaliation, skunk population has increased. Wonderful.


2. Green Frog

Does anyone go here anymore?? Are they still a bar?


3. Scranton Crushes

This twitter account was one of the most amusing parts of my college experience. I remember checking that account on the reg. I especially loved all the sexual innuendos.


4. Momma’s Pizza

That lil pizzeria next to Oscars! TBT, right? It was kinda sketchy but hey, cheap and decent pizza. Now it’s “Kennedy Fried Chicken”… so basically a KFC knockoff, but I think that’s out of business now, too.


5. Hyland Café

Poor Hyland Hall in general; I feel like that building is forgotten. The Hyland café had such a nice eating space too! And the sandwiches were so, so good.


6. Sushi on Third Floor

Continuing with the trend of food, I specifically remember committing to Scranton slightly based on the fact that there were SUSHI NIGHTS ON 3rd FLOOR DENAPLES. We had one night of it freshman year, and it was “lit” as the kids would say.


7. Flo

Had to save the best for last. Where is Flo??? We really miss that woman and her overpowering eyebrows and perfume and her ability to cheer us up on even of worst days.