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When Life No Longer Hands You a Syllabus

The first last week of college undergrad is officially over. Second semester seniors all over the country are currently facing the ever so unpopular questions of “do you know what you’re doing after graduation?” or “how does it feel to be almost done?” We are bracing ourselves for “the real world.” Many of us don’t know what to expect, and we know that we will soon no longer have a syllabus to guide our way. Our lives have been structured from elementary school until now. We practically knew what each step entailed, the only guessing was our class schedules.

Now reality is starting to hit. We will soon no longer be able to express ourselves freely on campus sponsored outlets (meaning the wonderful Her Campus), and life with our best friends constantly by us. We are worried about graduate, law, and medical school applications, while trying to finish our semesters strong. All at the same time of making these important decisions, we are attempting to make the best of what is left of the greatest times of our lives. 

For many of us, this will be the first time we don’t have a set-in-stone plan. You may be waiting to hear back from your dream job (I’m sure you’ll get it, don’t stress), but wondering if seven jobs are too many to apply to. You’re debating on moving to your favorite city, starting your life, and living your dream. However, this may be a problem since your loans are about to kick in and your bank account is less than ready to move out.  You know you’re a hard worker, so working two jobs in the beginning won’t scare you. However, it is just that one step into something that is not already laid out for you.

You’ll miss the friendly faces on campus, and those professors that remind you why you’re here. Sometimes, you need to hear it’s going to be ok, from someone who was once in your shoes. You are no longer that first semester freshman trying to make friends and somewhat fear walking into a new a class. Maybe you studied abroad, something you never imaged you would do. All of these things have shaped who you are today, and you hate that it is almost over.

On the other hand you might just want to run away to Europe or be a cocktail waitress in Vegas with your best friend. You begin to worry about other future problems, since you’re now so old, like taxes and a spouse. 

You might be all of these, I know I am. It’s hard enough to wonder what you’ll have for dinner rather than having a five year plan. I learned this month it is ok to apply to your dream job and hope for the best. It is ok that not knowing the next step, even if this has never happened before. No matter what, your school has set us all up for success, you just need to breath, and say it will be alright.

Here’s to the class of 2016

Dominique is your everyday Northeastern Pennsylvanian, and will probably have a different hair style every time you see her. She loves being outdoors, and finding an adventure in everything. She currently studies as a Senior History, Political Science, and International Studies triple major with a concentration in Italian at the University of Scranton. Dominique also studied abroad in Rome, Italy, not only falling in love with everything Italian, all the pizza, but with travel itself. Weird facts: Her favorite word is melanzane (eggplant), she writes most of her notes backwards (right to left too) and has a 130lb white German Shepherd named Kitty (he’s a boy). Follow her on Twitter @domnommnomm!
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