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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

As I went through my “healing phase”, I made the harsh realization that answered most of my own questions: I am a die-hard relationship girl. I know what you’re thinking, nobody is actually a relationship person. I am here to prove that statement wrong.

There are some people, me included, that thrive while being in a relationship. It has been three years since my last relationship, and I took that time to go through an excessively long healing process. The decision to go through this process was split between three reasons:

1. I forced myself to be single until I truly found someone who checked all my boxes.

2. After everything that happened, I needed to take time and heal myself. I’m a big believer in the idea that you can’t love someone else if you don’t love yourself first.

And finally, 3. Healing phases were trending on TikTok and of course I had to participate.

Although this healing process wasn’t the most enjoyable and wonderful experience, it was a process I needed to go through before I put myself back out there into the dating world. It wasn’t supposed to feel like sunshine and rainbows the entire time; it was supposed to force me to deep dive into my life

and heal in a mature and growth-oriented way. It was during this process that I learned I was a relationship girl.

By my own definition, a relationship girl is someone who thrives in the relationship environment. They don’t have to worry about going out and searching for love, so they are able to focus on the things they are passionate about for themselves. Relationship girls have the support system to pursue their dreams, all while having a shoulder to cry on.

For a prime example, I am leaving for a spring break trip and have been overly anxious and stressed about it for weeks. My sweet boyfriend has been there to talk me off the ledge (multiple ledges, multiple times) over this trip. He hasn’t complained once and laughs at how nervous and serious I’m being, which has really been putting things into perspective for me.

Three years later and I have found an amazing guy who I am lucky to be dating, essentially putting me back into my relationship girl lifestyle. I’ll be the first to talk about how grateful I am to have him in my life, but that isn’t the only thing I am grateful for. It’s the way pieces and priorities in my life came into a more serious light. I started excelling in school, becoming more organized, and overall getting my shit together.

And before you ask, yes it is completely possible to do this as a single person, but my brain has always needed that extra push of motivation to excel. I’ve grown up as a die-hard people pleaser, taking other people’s opinions and judgements of me way too personally. This is both a blessing and a curse and can seriously affect my motivation levels throughout the workday.

This is a topic I could talk about for hours, but to spare you the reading time, I’m going to cut it short. So, if you’ve read this far into the article and made some realizations about your life, you aren’t alone. Being a relationship girl isn’t something you should be ashamed of (Welcome to the club!). As humans, we naturally depend on others to increase the enjoyment and value of our lives, and having someone to be your constant support system is something you should be grateful for! Embrace it!

Hi my name is Bella! I am a Public Relations and Social Media Strategies double major concentrating in Women Studies! I am passionate about social media, editing, dance, and fashion! I love to write and spend most of my time editing instagram pictures. I hope you enjoy the articles I have written!