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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

2018 is the year of celebrating you exactly the way you are or however you want to be.  Before the last ten years, we barely questioned why so many objects and places are unnecessarily distinguished by gender like colors, fashion, makeup etc.  Why make scent one of them?  We are lead in this fight for gender-neutrality by one of the best-selling music artists of all times. Katy Perry released her new androgynous scent to match her evolved style and attitude.

Katy Perry cannot be chained to a singular style.  She has experimented with her look a great deal and is constantly evolving to something new.  Katy is dynamic in her music, fashion, and what she stands for.  With cutting her hair and alternating her style, Katy expresses that getting caught up in what is “masculine” and “feminine” wastes time and energy.  Instead, stimulating the mind is valuable and most likely more in line with goals and aspirations.


Reject society’s status quo with INDI, a modern musk scent.  Katy explains that “musk equals mystery” which can be attention-catching when you walk into a crowded room. Mellow, energetic, and sensual, INDI has sweet top notes or oriental plum and Italian bergamot.  Vanilla, amber, and white cedar wood boosts the comforting feeling that can make someone just feel good as they are.   The packaging is modern with its sleek black and white design.  The hint of gold on the monochromatic bottle adds class while keeping with the minimalist feel.  

The #whatmakesyouINDI black and white campaign video mimics the mysteriousness of the fragrance. Here, Katy reveals that INDI stands does not stand for ‘indie’ or ‘hipster’ but rather for individual.  The popstar preaches, and rightfully so, that “there’s something beautiful about being an individual and being different.”  The video features female influencers who are known for inspiring women and supporting the same vision Katy does.  You can recognize Ren Spriggs, Blake Von D, Marilyn Rondón, Fecility Hayward and Brianna Lance.  Their faces and stories are portrayed over Katy’s hands as she covers her face.  This reiterates the idea that we should all be proud of who we are and be different, together.

This scent and the campaign it stands for screams individuality.  Katy is trying to reach all people by encouraging embracement of self.  The musky cocktail reminds us that differences should bring people together, not tear us apart.  We all have our own stories and experiences that make us unique.  This is what is truly beautiful about humankind- that we can stand together, offer support, and importantly, include all people despite their race, gender, religion, age, etc.  So thank you, Katy Perry, for showing us that different is nothing to be ashamed of.  Different is Beautiful.

Get your INDI perfume at Walgreens for just $25.  Click the link to start expressing your individuality today!


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