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Visit to Washington D.C.

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On September 22nd, I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Washington D.C. with the comm and media department. During the trip I went to two places: the Pentagon and C-SPAN television network.

Going to the Pentagon was such a surreal experience because it is such a high up place that not a lot of people are fortunate enough to visit. At the Pentagon, I got to hear some special speakers and alumni talk about their jobs and what it is like working at the Pentagon. After the speakers talked, we got an official tour of the Pentagon where I got to learn more about the wars, 911, NATO, etc.

After that was over, we made our way over to C-SPAN which was a 10-minute bus ride. At CSPAN, we got to see the behind the scenes of what goes into a television production. I got to see the control room, and everything was lit up which was super cool. After the control room, I got to see the newsroom. Seeing the newsroom in person was super surreal because I have always wanted to see what a newsroom looked like and how the production works. At the end of the tour, C-SPAN gave us mugs which I thought was super thoughtful. When I use the mug to drink hot chocolate in the winter, it will remind me of a cool opportunity I was given.

emily russo

Scranton '25

Hi my name is Emily and i'm an advertising major at the University and Scranton. In my free time I enjoy taking rides, grabbing coffee, taking walks, and listening to music