The Ultimate Beauty Guru You’ve Been Searching For: Lexie Rebele Takes On HC Survival Kits!

Last semester, your eyebrows might have been whack and your mascara may have crumbled, but this semester Her Campus Scranton has got you, girl. Get ready for your glow up, guided by our favorite start-up beauty guru, Lexie! Last year, she decided to transfer to the University of Scranton’s school of business with a marketing major and spend more time dabbling with different cosmetic companies while giving honest reviews that collegiates like us need to hear. Her talent with makeup is hard to miss, even with her daily routine, so we decided to give her some goodies from our Survival Kits and see what she could do! Keep reading to catch up on her interview this week with Her Campus Scranton. Name: Lexie Rebele, pronounced Re-Bell-ee ​Hometown: Rutherford, New Jersey Year: Junior


HC: When did you first start using makeup?

LR: Hmmm, probably freshman year of high school.


HC: Do you still follow the same makeup routine?

LR: Absolutely not. I’m totally humiliated by how I used to do it.


HC: Aren’t we all? *ripple effects to past glam routine* *shudders*

HC: So, Lexie, when did you really get into makeup?

LR: Around a year ago.


HC: Now that you’ve spent a year diving into your hobby, can you give us your top 5 makeup brands?

LR: There’s so many I can’t even choose. My favorites are going to have to be NARS, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Benefit Cosmetics, Maybelline, and Morphe.


HC: If you were only allowed to use makeup items every day for the rest of your life, which two would you choose?

LR: My brow pencil and mascara. They’re my must-haves.


HC: In your top 5 makeup brands, you said some high-end and drugstore brands. Would you say your daily routine combines the two?

LR: Definitely. My foundation I always use is high end, but my concealer is Wet ‘n’ Wild and my mascara is Loreal, which are both drugstore brands. I do usually go for high-end eyeshadow palettes though.


HC: So, this week we gave you the Buxom Va-va-Plump Liquid Lipstick in “Wine Me” to try out in a custom look, what did you think?

LR: I enjoyed working with it, it was so good! It was very comfortable to wear, and really pigmented. It also wasn’t drying, and usually liquid lipsticks are streaky in application but the Buxom one was like one-swipe and done.


HC: You paired that lip with the Almay Shadow Squad eyeshadow quad in the color set “Own it”. How was working with that?

LR: The shimmers in that quad are really good, I sprayed my brush with a setting spray first and then dipped into them and applied and they really popped. However, the matte shadow in the quad was a little disappointing, I found myself digging into it.


HC : Regardless, we absolutely loved the overall look you created! Definitely great inspiration for the girls in our chapter!

HC: Do you have the handle to your beauty page in case our readers want to see other looks you’ve curated?

LR: Of course! Its @ultimatebeautybylex on Instagram.


HC: When did you start your beauty page?

LR: I started it about two months ago.


HC: With time do you plan on expanding to a blog or Youtube channel?

LR: I’m not sure yet, I don’t have the right camera and set-up for a Youtube channel right now. I would say my Instagram is like a picture-blog. I do a bunch of different looks and reviews on products, and I tag a lot of people so I’m currently enjoying just expanding the page. I would say it’s a little more real-work than a makeup-addict’s finsta.


HC: We loved having you with us Lexie, good luck with your page and the rest of the semester!

LR: Thanks for having me! HCXO!