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Do you feel something isn’t right with a friend lately? Here are seven ways to tell if your friend is toxic!


1-They’re a huge gossip. 

Yes, we’re all guilty of this. However, if this is your friend’s favorite conversation topic and you’ve heard them bad mouth their other friends, you might want to reevaluate your friendship. If they have no problem bad mouthing others when they’re not around, what’s stopping them from doing the same to you?


2-Their “jokes” go too far. 

Most friendships come with friendly teasing and joking about each other. However, it shouldn’t be okay if your friend is attacking things that cross the line. If your friend pokes fun at topics that are too sensitive, such as your insecurities, and do not stop when they see it’s not appropriate, then this isn’t someone you need to waste your time around.


3-They make everything into a competition. 

Friendly competition is human nature. However, if your friend is undermining your accomplishments with their own and they constantly feel the need to one up you,are they really your friend? Or are they just sticking around to try to feel better about themselves by putting you down?


4-They’ll hurt you, then act like nothing happened. 

A friend who you have a huge argument with and then makes no effort to apologize for what they said or done creates a major red flag. Communication is an important part of a healthy friendship, if you keep letting them get away with hurting you without any remorse, you will make yourself into their doormat.


5-Your other friends have noticed something is off. 

If your other friends point out that they do not think someone is treating you right, do not be offended but evaluate the issue yourself. Friends who truly care about you can sense when something is off.


6-They have no problem asking for help, but would never do the same for you

If your friend is constantly asking you favors and for help, but never seems to be there when you need the same, chances are this is a person who is using you and taking advantage of your kindness.

7-They are only your friend when it’s convenient. 

If they are only your friend at times when you feel on top of the world but then walk away when you are at a low. You need to take a step back from this person. If they only want to be around you for the fun and laughter then seem to disappear during hard times, they are not a true friend.




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