Top 5 Lip Gallagher Moments

Shameless! It seems to be the show that people can’t get enough of! This comedy drama T.V. series is aired on Showtime but can also be found on Netflix. If you have not binge-watched this series yet, please stop what you are doing and watch it!! You will not regret it!

Recently, girls all over the world have fallen in love with the character Lip Gallagher. Why, you may ask? Where to begin? He is smart, spontaneous, strong and fights for everything he wants.

Lip is the 2nd oldest child from a very unstable Chicago family. He is the most intelligent family member and often uses his brain to provide money and support for his family. He is a typical bad boy with a big heart. Throughout the series he makes some major mistakes but always seems to get back on his feet.

Below are 5 pictures of the top Lip Gallagher Moments:

1. Lip has a way with his words. While he may come off as self-centered sometimes, he has a big heart and goes out of his way to make his friends and family feel his love.

2. Lip is a great big brother. He acts as the fatherly figure in the house, especially as he gets older. He would never let anything bad happen to anyone in his family.

3. Lip is an absolute genius. His vocabulary and advanced knowledge is seen throughout the entire series, and he proves himself to be capable of great things for the future!

4. Lip is such a loyal friend. He is constantly looking out for his friends’ happiness. He never leaves people when they’re in trouble. He steps up to the plate and always helps friends in need, even when he doesn’t have to.

5. Lip defines bad boy. He grew up in a bad neighborhood, so the people around him tend to have an influence on him every once in a while. His crazy actions make him unpredictable. Despite this, he is a character that you can’t help but love.