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As a Northeastern Pennsylvania native, I’ve grown used to dreary, rainy days. I can honestly say I’ve grown to love them. I find rainy weather perfect for writing, reading, or cozying up in bed watching TV. I feel a sense of calm when it rains, as do many others, I think.

I love music. I believe that music is poetry, and it is good for the soul. I just did an assignment where I talked about the correlation between mental health and music (spoiler alert: it’s extremely positive!). So, on days that I choose to stay indoors, of course, I have music playing. Although I love the rain, I know some people do not. Whether you love it or hate it, you can make your rainy days better with my top three songs for rainy days.

1. “Rainy Day People” by Gordon Lightfoot

Despite having the word “rain” in the title, this song by Gordon Lightfoot has the perfect feel for a peaceful, rainy day. The soothing guitar and Lightfoot’s deep, clear voice provide a great background for cleaning, homework, or studying. If I’m being honest, I love any Gordon Lightfoot song on a rainy day.

2. “Till It Shines” by Bob Seger

“Till It Shines” is a song that instantly lightens my mood. With its upbeat melody, it is sure to put anyone in good spirits. Sometimes, you just need a song to dance around the house to and this is it. So, it is perfect for those rainy days that make you feel gloomy.

3. “A Month Or Two” by Odie Leigh

I discovered “A Month Or Two” on an Instagram reel a few months ago. I’m a folk music lover, so this song instantly scratched my brain the right way. This is a song I have cried to, sang in the car to, and listened to while doing everyday tasks. It’s one of those multi-purpose songs. On a rainy day when you just want to cozy up and read next to your heater, Odie Leigh has your back.

I love waking up, looking outside, and seeing water run down my window. I know for others, though, it can damper their mood for the entire day. In either situation, music can make these rainy, cold days better. “Rainy Day People,” “Till It Shines” and “A Month or Two” are three songs

you will definitely find on my playlist (and that you should totally add to yours) on beautiful, rain-filled days.

Lily Struzzieri

Scranton '26

Lily Struzzieri is a sophomore at The University of Scranton, majoring in English with a legal studies concentration. She plans to attend law school after her undergraduate schooling. She enjoys skiing, hiking, reading, and writing.