The Top 10 Carrie Bradshaw Moments: The Carrie Diaries

It’s always the same dream. I’m in the city and I belong. Manhattan is mine. But, then I always wake up- the same old Carrie Bradshaw, in Castlebury, Connecticut. 


In the “Sex and The City” prequel, The Carrie Diaries, young Carrie Bradshaw navigates high school while harboring dreams of becoming a New York City writer. The show, which aired January 2013, aired for two seasons. Within these two seasons of airing there were some pretty romantic and jaw-dropping moments. The top 10 in my opinion, are as follows:


10. The Beginning of Kyddshaw 

This was one of those super sappy moments. Carrie meets up with her new love interest, Sebastian Kydd, in the school courtyard. As they sit on the bench Sebastian shows Carrie his new music player. She gently rests her head on his shoulder and he grabs her hand. The two teens kiss; thus Kyddshaw was born. Ugh… my heart strings. 


9. Carrie Meets Larissa 

On the first day of Carrie’s New York City law firm internship, she slips and rips her tights. Her boss, Barbara, demands that she buys a new pair on her break. As she wanders the floors of Century 21, an exotic and exuberant character admires her purse. Little did Carrie know that this stranger, would change her her life forever. Such an iconic moment. 


8. Maggie and The Cop 

Word gets around in a small town. Yet, Maggie manages to hide a major secret from not only the townspeople of Castlebury, but her closest friends as well… including her boyfriend. Okay, let’s skip the small talk. Maggie and a married cop are hooking up in the back of his patrol car. I KNOW. Definitely one of those “OMG” moments. 


7. Walt Reveals His Sexuality 

At a Halloween Party in the city, Walt kindles a new love with Bennett. On a stairwell outside the party, Walt and Bennett kiss. It’s magical and heartwarming. In this moment, Walt realizes that he has feelings for Bennett, yet fears the reaction of his friends, family and girlfriend, Maggie. 


6. Dorit and The Record Store 

Carrie’s spontaneous and spunky younger sister, Dorit, heads to the record store to buy Carrie a birthday gift. Well, not exactly… Dorit nonchalantly slides the record into her backpack. However, she’s caught in the act. A young employee locks her in the closet and pretends to call the cops- obviously, record store protocol.Plot twist: The employee lets her walk a free woman and gives Dorit his digits. 


5. Carrie Falls For A Bad Boy

Okay. So, end of season one. Sebastian gives Carrie his jacket. One small step for Sebastian. One giant leap for Kyddshaw. She immediately calls Mouse, and starts crying. Why? Because she’s afraid, duh. Relationships are scary. Love is scary. 


4. BF, BFF, and a Bottle of Jack 

One of the most shocking moments in The Carrie Diaries history. Two words. Maggie. Sebastian. Should I even go on? With a glass of liquor in her hand, Maggie reaches over the bar and kisses Sebastian. I can’t even go on. 


3. Carrie Paints Her Purse… Then The Town 

After the death of her mother, Carrie selected few items from her mom’s closet to incorporate into her wardrobe- one of them being a black, leather bag. She finds the purse covered with nail polish buried in Dorit’s room. Carrie’s an emotional mess; one of her most prized possessions- ruined. Or so she thinks. Carrie gets creative. She grabs neon nail polish and paint splatters the purse. As a final touch, she signs her name across the leather in white. 


2. Like A Virgin 

I wasn’t sure if I should include this moment. It’s not really one of my favorites. However, it is one of the most important. Carrie loses her virginity to playwright Adam Weaver, her dreamy Manhattan boyfriend. Major plot twist, I know, I know. I was totally team lose virginity to Sebastian. 


1. Carrie and Sebastian Pool Scene 

My favorite Kyddshaw moment of all time. Though Carrie’s father forbids her to interact with Sebastian Kydd, reputable, entitled bad boy, she sneaks away and meets him at the pool. The two teens flirt and laugh, and suddenly he leans in to kiss her. My heart. Oh. Then Carrie’s dad walks in, but that’s a different story, for a different time… or article, but you know same thing.