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Title: E-Girl Wardrobe Guide: 5 Staple Pieces

Spooky season is upon us. So, for those of us who dress like it’s Halloween every day of the year- check out some of my E-Girl essentials.




Lately, I’ve been obsessed with chains and spending an unhealthy amount of money on the trendy E-Girl accessory. 


Nevertheless, I love wearing several large chain necklaces at a time. My favorite chains are embellished with locks, zippers, and safety pins. I typically purchase chains from Hot Topic and Forever 21 for a relatively cheap price. 


To make a statement, I love to wear chains attached to my belt on my jeans or shorts. I get these chains specifically, from the men’s section at Forever 21. Chains make every outfit look more edgy. Be bold.  



Men’s Oversized T-Shirts 


This comes as no surprise- most of my clothes are thrifted.I like to thrift long, oversized black T-shirts, hoodies, and crewnecks in the Goodwill men’s section. 


I prefer to buy these pieces at thrift stores because not only are they drastically cheaper, but often times a much better quality than retail finds. 


Thrift stores have unique pieces to fit every style. I always find really cool oversized T-shirts that are perfect for the E-Girl aesthetic. 


Checkered or Striped Long Sleeve Shirts


I love wearing a checkered or striped long sleeve shirt underneath a solid, black oversized T-shirt. 


The patterned pieces really bring the entire outfit together and allow you to wear short sleeve tees in cold weather. I purchased my black-and-orange checkered long sleeve at Forever 21 for just $9. And I found my black-and-white long sleeve at H&M for the same cheap price! 


Sometimes I even wear the shirts alone with black ripped jeans! 




All of my belts are solid black with minimal silver accents; these two colors match my chains. 

I wear belts every time I am wearing jeans (which is almost always black ripped jeans). Belts add edge to simplistic outfits. I purchase all of my belts from Forever 21 for around $10 each.


Doc Martens


Doc Martens are essential to perfect the E-Girl aesthetic. 


Though the industrial shoes are quite pricey (retail: $140), they are amazing quality and last for a very long time. They are durable through rain and snow, making them perfect for the fall and winter. 


My Doc Martens are leather. However, the company sells vegan boots as well. When wearing skirts, I like to pair my Docs with either thigh-high black socks, fishnets or stockings. They also look great with jeans and dresses.



These five staple pieces not only create countless outfits, but the perfect E-Girl aesthetic. So far into the school year, I’ve actually only repeated an outfit once or twice! I hope you can take inspiration from my style guide and incorporate my 5 wardrobe essentials into your E-Girl look book. 




An E-Girl 



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