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Tips on Fighting Senioritis, Stress and Regaining Motivation

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

As I am nearing finals week as a senior in my undergraduate college career, I am feeling myself slip into senioritis and feel a lack of motivation. I usually try to get many of my assignments done before the time they are due, but I feel like now, I am not motivated to do anything.

I have some tips to help you out if you are a senior feeling the same way or just losing motivation to do work, knowing a break is coming soon.

Mindfulness of your achievements so far:

If you look at all of the work you did throughout the semester and see how far you have come, it will help you realize that there is only a bit left to do to finish it off. Finish it with motivation to be successful and not to trip at the finish line.

Take a day of break:

If you are feeling burnout, one day after your classes just take a break. Relax, watch your favorite movie and get to bed early. The next morning, eat breakfast or whatever you do. You will feel refreshed and energized for the day.

Look at the positives and not over stress:

Look at three things in the day that motivate you or keep you happy. These things can be your push to do better. The positive mindset can make your mood better and overall build confidence and motivation to be successful.

Get a good study playlist or ritual:

I know when I am swamped with work I like to take mini breaks after each section of my paper. I write lab reports which have five to six large parts. After each part I would get up, get a snack, fill my water bottle and take five minutes and play my favorite songs before moving onto the next part. I just feel like it resets your brain and I found that I write better using this study and writing ritual. I also play instrumental or music that will not be distracting as background noise, so I do not get distracted by others around me or find myself looking at the clock all the time.

Have a goal or a checklist:

For that day, have a goal or a checklist of everything you want to do and as you finish them, cross it off. It makes you feel better crossing it off and not having to worry about anything once it is complete. This always helps me when I have lots of things to do in a week.

Try to start early to avoid stress:

If you are not motivated to do anything, at least set a time for something every day so then you are not stressed even if you feel yourself procrastinating. You do not have to complete a huge assignment in one day and do not cram your studies into the day before. You will find that you will be more prepared if you ration the assignment or study time into several days.

Have something to look forward to:

If you are struggling in finding something to keep you motivated, then have an event or something to look forward to no matter how small. I look forward to ordering out for dinner or going to the movies with friends. In my mind, if I have a paper due Monday night and do not finish Sunday night or early Monday morning, then I cannot go to my event which was planned for Monday night because you did not complete the paper earlier.

Finally, just enjoy your time:

Even if you are not a graduating senior, it may seem stressful or hard but thinking about how much you went through to get here and how far you have become. Many people never see the things you do in college. It is preparing you for your future and you are finding out what you like and dislike. It is a learning experience but also training for the real world. You need to be reminded how powerful you are and can be if you just look at all that you have done. Before you know it, your time will be done and even though the road may have been rough, you will feel sadness for leaving, but take these teachings with you and light the world on fire.

If these tips do not help you, then I suggest searching for what will help you. If I learned anything throughout my four years to pass on to others is that sometimes things are out of your control and if you tried your best and still did terrible, hold your head up and be proud that you fought hard and studied. Shake it off and start again (If you need a song to help you get through a bad grade I suggest “Burn the Ships” by For KING & COUNTRY). Do not get discouraged. The moment you do, failure will find you more often.

I love to be involved on campus! I am in performance music as the lead drumset player and leader of the percussion section. I am also the community service chair for the Italian Society and I work study at performance music and the office of equity and diversity. I am a volunteer firefighter and I love to help others!