Throw Away The Bikini’s & Throw ON The Sweaters, Its Fall!

It’s officially fall! The leaves are starting to change, the bonfires are getting warmed up, and the layering of clothes has begun. Here are 5 reminders of how fall might just be the best season out of the year for us girls.


1. Fashion

Bring out the thigh high boots, the velvet skirts, and the big comfy sweaters. Didn't feel confident wearing those crop tops and high-waisted shorts? Now is your time to shine throw on a pair of comfy sweats and a hoodie and honey the world is your runway. Besides, is there really a limit as to just how many layers are too many? 


2. Colors

Let’s be honest, were all guilty of taking a picture of a fall sunset and posting it to our snapchat story, well aware that we are probably one of 50 girls who did the exact thing and just are adding to the stereotype of basic girl status. Fall gives us endless amounts of backgrounds for Instagram and sometimes we just can’t help ourselves but take a picture in front of the pretty tri-colored tree. So boyfriends and friends beware, you might just end up being our personal photographer. 


3. One word- PUMPKINS

Needless to say, during the fall we are most excited for all of the flavors that we can add to our coffee again. Its pumpkin season and Queen we have missed you terribly. 


4. Halloween Movies 

By far one of the greatest ideas that any television station has ever thought of is the 30 nights of Halloween. Had a bad day at school? Don't worry, because when you get home the Sanderson Sisters will be there to cheer you up, so grab all of the candy, your coziest blanket and become a human cocoon on your couch and sing along to “I Put A Spell On You.” 


5. Its Boo Season.. no literally 

Thank goodness for fall, giving us single girls hope. Have your eyes on a special someone this spooky season? Do your research, look up places to go on a hayride, or to a haunted house. Nothing says finding out if you have a keeper better than being chased by some crazy guy with a chainsaw and seeing if your date leaves you in the dust or grabs like any prince charming should.Fall has only just started! Make sure to take advantage of all of your Instagram photoshoot possibilities, drink as many PSL’s as you possibly can, and you better be ready to sing along to “This Is Halloween” with Jack during your binge worthy marathon of movies in your comfiest pair of sweats!