Thank You, Scranton

As my four years as a Royal comes to a close, I can’t help but think back to some of my greatest memories here at Scranton, and how they have impacted my life more than I have realized.  Undergrad was a “rollercoaster ride” to say the least; it had its ups and downs, a lot of highs and a few lows.  Regardless, each and every one of us has become a better person because of this place we continue to call home.  We’ve lived together for four years, and life is going to be friggin rough without having our second families constantly by our sides.

But, if there is one thing that Scranton has taught me, it’s that the friendships we make here are the types that can stand the test of time, and distance.  No matter where we all end up, we will always have a home to come back to, and enough memories to last us all a lifetime.  I will never take my time spent here for granted, and I cannot wait to see what amazing moments life has in store for all of us beyond this small city.  So, thanks Scranton.  Thank you for allowing me to meet some the greatest people on this earth, making it OK to drink five days out of the week, and teaching me how to start the next chapter of my life knowing that coming to a close, is the greatest one yet. 

“Dear Scranton,

Thank you for my family.  The people I met here have forever impacted my life.  Thank you for the times I’ll never remember with the people I’ll never forget.  Scranton truly is a place away from home for friends.”

- Nellie Wilcox


“Thank you Scranton for giving me the best years of my life and for allowing me to make lifelong friends.  I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.  Thank you for letting me be myself, and making me the person I am today.”

- Victoria Scotton


“Thank you Scranton for being a home away from home.  You gave me friends who quickly became family.  Thank you for the memories we have made; they will never be forgotten.  Thank you for the lessons you’ve taught me, and for helping me grow into the person I am today.  Thank you Scranton for the best four years.”

-  Lauren Talbot


“Thank you for giving me my sisters of Kappa North Web.”

-  Megan Fasano


“Thank you Scranton for helping me grow into who I am today over these last, amazing, four years.  The love everyone has for one another on this campus is like no other.  I can’t help but to feel so grateful that I got to experience such amazing moments here.”

- Molly Clarke



- Donna Amore


For what it’s worth, I would do it all again in a heartbeat.  Thank you Scranton, for everything