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College is a time for new opportunities. Not only will you be able to gain knowledge, but you are also able to take part in so many activities and find new ways to make friends. It’s so easy to join different clubs and even participate in off-campus activities.

However, it’s important to know that although it’s good to be active, you should make sure that you’re not overdoing it. Sometimes it’s hard to realize how many activities you’re involved with until an inconvenience occurs or if you end up double-booking yourself, speaking from experience.

Apart from the several classes that I’m taking, I’m a member of a few clubs on campus, the school choir, a French tutor, and involved with my church that’s off-campus (quite a busy schedule!). These past few weeks, I found out that I had to get immediate surgery, which was scheduled to be when classes were starting to go through harder material (and midterm season). On top of that, the surgery was scheduled to be done in my home state, so I had to be away from campus. It sucked.

I had to put all activities to a halt because of surgery. Assignments, tests, and quizzes had to be pushed back or piled on top of each other. I registered for different activities within the time period as well.

Many people I encounter have told me that they wonder how I manage my schedule, and I would just brush it off because it’s been a routine for me to be involved with so much that I don’t notice. Now that I am recovering, I realize that I’ve been over-doing it.

Because of this surgery, my friends and family strongly suggest that I take it easy since I’m always doing something. Even though it’s hard to just stop when you’re constantly on the go, I started to allow myself to take it easy, which gave me the opportunity to rest more than I usually do, and I found it refreshing!

The point is: It’s ok to be involved but just remember to take it easy!

Johanna Rene

Scranton '23

Hi! I'm Johanna :) I'm a senior neuroscience major. I hope you guys find my articles to be interesting!