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The Stages of Spring Break Told by How I Met Your Mother

It’s finally here. Spring break, the 10 days we college students have all been waiting for. Each year, students go through a number of emotions from the beginning to end of spring break, whether on vacation in Mexico, or parked in front of Netflix in their favorite chair at home. And then, just as quickly as it starts, it ends.

1. Walking out of your last class on Friday

2.  Prepping for the drive home

3. Getting home and immediately running to see your dog

4. Eating that first home cooked meal in months

5. Seeing your best friends from home

6. Realizing you haven’t moved in days and counting the days to go back to school

7. Getting back on Monday and realizing you have classes the next day… oh and you didn’t do ANY work

Have a legen-wait for it-dary spring break Scranton!

Mel is a sophomore health administration major at the University of Scranton. She's from Central Jersey and has two younger sisters, a brother and a dog named Lucky. In her free time she binge watches sitcoms like How I Met Your Mother and The Office, while making Kit Kats disappear faster than the speed of light.
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