Spring Break on a Budget

With spring break coming up, here are some great ways to spend it because lets be honest not everyone is going on a lavish vacation to Dubai.


Road Trip

Although gas is not cheap, we live in one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world! There is so much to see whether it is New Orleans or Atlanta. All you have to do is gather up some friends for gas cost and get a bomb playlist. 

Become a tourist in your own city

Especially if you’re from a bigger city like New York, there is so much happening at all time, so see what you can do! Visit the places you’ve never been to before because we all have that place in our own city that we always wanted to visit but never get the chance. This can include visiting a museum, touring bridges or going to a new restaurant. 

Pick up a new hobby

Everyone has that one skill that they’ve always wanted to pick up this is your chance. This activity can act as anew form of stress relief or a new challenge that is outside the classroom.