Sophomore Slump: 9 Struggles of Sophomore Year

The second year of college, commonly known as the “Sophomore Slump,” can be a difficult time. We’ve all experienced the high of freshmen year, but it seems like all of a sudden it stops. BAM! Classes get harder, friend groups change, the work seems never ending and life spirals out of control.

Here are some struggles we have found of our sophomore year.

1. Boys, Boys, BoysCan’t live with them, can’t live without them! Why are boys so frustrating, but so irresistible? All the senior hotties are leaving in a few months and all the freshman cuties STILL have no clue what college is about. Where’s the happy medium? Where’s the perfect boy?

2. RelationshipsEveryone and their mother are in relationships. Meanwhile, the only relationship I am in is the love triangle with my bed and Netflix. Where are all these girls getting boyfriends and where can I find one?!

3. Second GuessesI JUST SPENT HALF OF MY COLLEGE CAREER LEARING EVERY BONE, MUSCLE, NERVE AND ORGAN IN THE HUMAN BODY AND NOW I DON’T EVEN KNOW IF I WANT TO BE A DOCTOR ANYMORE. As of right now, trophy wife is where it’s at. As of right now, trophy wife is where it’s at. Maybe ill get a M-r-s. Degree?

4. Halfway there, woahh living on a prayerAlmost halfway through college… that’s pretty scary. Two years down, two years to go. Pretty soon we will be looking for jobs, spouses and relocating to a new city. Are we really ready for all this? Because quite honestly making a doctor’s appointment on my own scares me.

5. So close, but no bar!It’s the weekend, so obviously it’s time to party! But, as we all know the hideous “UNDER 21 UNTIL insert date here “ still plagues our IDs. As we watch the stream of carefree juniors and seniors make their way down to Cocks & Oscars we franticly text our entire grade trying to find a basement with minimal freshmen to spend the night out.

6. A Job?!I can barely keep up with my assignments and in two years I have to be a adult with a plan and more importantly a job. Why can’t I just live in my parents basement pretending it’s a high - rise in New York City forever?

7. HousingAHHHH!!!! Leases and landlords and phone calls to Mom…OH MY! Housing is the single handedly MOST STRESSFUL thing to deal with as a sophomore… And I thought picking a senior prom table was hard.

8. Where did all that time and energy come from freshman year?NAPPING? AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. Between intermural games, club meetings, internships, class and homework I barely have time to make my daily Starbucks run.

9. FriendsWhy does it seem like the friendly freshmen we arrived with have turned into the selective sophomores? Everyone is comfortable with the friendships they have made and no one seems to want to branch out. WTF?!?

The sophomore slump is pretty rough, but we wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Scranton has given us friends for life and memories we will always cherish. The past two years have taught us who we are and who we want to be. But no matter how much of a sophomore slump you're in, just remember Scranton is a place to call home.