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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

Her Campus has been the most fulfilling part of my college experience, and as I write this last article, I admit, words are difficult to find.

I joined Her Campus my sophomore year of college, looking for something that could be mine. I spent my freshmen year in a pandemic, a time when most clubs were barely meeting, and when they were, it was over ZOOM only. As the pandemic eased, my opportunities to join a club on campus flourished, but still I wasn’t sure what to choose. I tried a couple clubs, never seeming to find the right group, until I saw a flyer in an elevator for a club called “Her Campus at Scranton.”

I was immediately intrigued with a club for Gen Z women by Gen Z women, writing articles and putting on incredible events, and after that first meeting, I was hooked.

By my second semester as a member, I was the assistant Editor, and into my junior year I became the Senior Editor. This was my dream, something I wanted to do in my life that I actually got to do. I got to read all the amazing articles that girls were publishing and help them to make their words shine. I was completely surprised and humbled when I was chosen to be co Campus Correspondent for my senior year.

Being a part of Her Campus has been incredible. On top of all the articles I’ve gotten to write and publish online, I’ve made so many incredible friends that I never would have met otherwise. I’ve met girls with majors so different than my English one, and girls years younger than me that I never would have bumped into outside of class without this connector. I can’t count the numerous ways that I have grown over these past few years.

Her Campus has been such a special part of my college experience, and one that I know I will look back on with such fondness. In the past few years, there has been an incredible resurgence of girlhood in the world, but I have to say, being a part of Her Campus makes it feel like that 24/7. It is so heartwarming having a group of women who all love and support each other and just enjoy each other’s company. Never have I heard more compliments than at one of our photoshoots with us all looking absolutely fabulous. And the friendships that I have made in Her Campus are some of the most genuine and beautiful of my entire life.

As I get ready to graduate, I know I must leave Her Campus as well. Although it saddens me, I am so proud of what our executive team and I have accomplished this year, and I am so excited to watch what the girls I leave behind will do next year. I leave with full confidence in the young women who have made this community what it is, and I hope that they know the mark that they all left on my heart.

Shannon Parker

Scranton '24

Hi! I am a senior English major, I love reading, writing, playing with my dog, and hanging out with my friends and sister:) I am also one of the CCs of HC Scranton!!