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Shop ‘til You Drop: Black Friday Edition

By now, you all probably know what Black Friday is. In short, it’s a time of sales starting at midnight the day after Thanksgiving. People swarm stores in the middle of the night for the best deals of the year. It’s also the perfect time to start checking items off people’s Christmas lists. 


Black Friday is practically a holiday to some people (including myself). Some people wait all year for this very day. People also make it a tradition to go out with their friends and family for the night. 


Pretty much every store that exists partakes in the shopping occasion. Some of the best known are Best Buy, Under Armor, Nike, Target, etc. It is the best time to purchase expensive items like designer purses, cars, clothes, and electronics. Sometimes during black Friday, things that are normally so overpriced drop in cost by over 50%, so people can afford them. 


This is why Black Friday is such a big deal. Stores make limited amounts of the most wanted toys and gifts for the year so moms, friends, everyone will fight to be the person to buy it before it sells out. People go to extremes where they will wait all night outside the stores in a line until the doors open for business. When they unlock the store, everyone in line runs in to make sure they get that big-ticket item. 


A few of my personal favorite Black Friday hot sports are American Eagle, The Loft, Kate Spade, and Victoria’s Secret! Between the four of them you can find anything you are looking for. The Loft puts out great fancy jackets, dress pants, and nice sweaters for half the price they normally are. Kate Spade is normally very pricey but on this day the sales are amazing. If you need a new purse, backpack, or wallet for you or as a gift, this is your place. The designs are simple and can be enjoyed by someone of any age. Victoria’s Secret always stocks up their bra and underwear collection and puts a great sale on them. Normally they are overpriced for a necessity, but on Black Friday you can splurge. Lastly, my all-time favorite is American Eagle. On Black Friday you can find all the hottest clothes trends there: Sherpas, crop tops, pajamas, cozy sweaters, and jeans. They have men’s and women’s clothes and they are always in style. 


If you are looking to save money or find great Christmas gifts this year, venture out this Black Friday. On November 29thgo find all those deals and get anything you can imagine for a great price!


Emma Nemitz

Scranton '22

Chemistry Business Major Golf Team From Moscow, PA
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