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The Seven Things Spring Break Taught Me About my Best Friends

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

Everyone knows the butterfly feeling in your stomach as spring break approaches. The time to live life to the fullest and get a nice tan alongside your best friends is what it is all about! Whether you travel far or near, some of the best and unforgettable memories are made during this week, whether you want to remember them or not. Once spring break is over, the dreaded thoughts of schoolwork take control; but the other half of you is wishing for a slight miracle that would take you back to your vacation, so that you can have a second chance at reliving it. Spring break adventures have taught me some hilarious and meaningful moments I will cherish forever with my friends. No matter where you went during your escape from reality, I am betting one of the seven will relate to you!


  1. Surviving on a maximum of three hours of sleep brings out the best laughs 
  2. If you can’t feel your feet by the morning, you weren’t dancing hard enough last night
  3. Pre-trip waxing prep is better bonding when having to endure it together
  4. You don’t know true friendship until your friends must apply aloe to your whole body on an hourly basis 
  5. There is no such thing as cheat eating, every meal is needed for survival 
  6. There is not a better nightly dinner date than your best friends 
  7. You never worry about if you have something to wear, the closet is endless 


Nora Murray

Scranton '19

Senior Psychology Major at The University of Scranton