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A Scranton Semester As Told by SpongeBob and Friends

At the start of the semester, everyone is ready to get back into the swing of things.

The freshmen have some difficulties finding their classes, but let’s be honest, we’re all still having trouble finding any of our classes in LSC.

You try to prove to your professors that you love to participate in class by asking questions, even if your question is completely irrelevant.

You walk out of your first philosophy class. You feel like your head just exploded into a million pieces.

Or perhaps you’re a science major, and the endless number of notes, equations, formulas and chemical reactions (even during sylly week) drive you insane.

You walk up The Commons after a long day of classes and you believe you’re close to certain death (shout-out to the sophomores who do this multiple times a day!)

Your first essay of the semester is due soon. You have no motivation to do it.

In fact, procrastination smacked you in the face… HARD.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman or not because EVERYONE tries to avoid the Freshman 15.

So, you decide to work out at the gym every day.

But that whole idea gets thrown out the window on Upscale-Wednesday…

…and again when you go out on the weekends and pass CKs, Good Fellas or Granteeds on the way home and can’t help but grab a slice… or eight.


You and your friends realize that the majority of college parties are hosted in dark and incredibly hot basements (especially when you’re a freshman).

While you’re out, you see that cute kid from class that you’ve been dying to talk to and you finally get your chance, but you blow it:

And *if* you’ve had one too many, your friends realize it’s time to head home.

Sunday morning, you experience the joys of DeNaples weekend brunches: French toast, hash browns, chicken nuggest and fries and of course….  ALL HAIL THE MAGIC SMOOTHIES!

When your teacher hands you your first test back and it didn’t go as well as you hoped.

Then you ace the next one!

And when your roommate goes home for the weekend and you’re alone in the dorm for the first time.

And sometimes, you start to feel a little homesick.

But then you realize how much you truly love the University of Scranton because, “Home is where you’re surrounded by the people that care about you.” –Sandy Cheeks.

Rachel is a Biology major with a Pre-Veterinary Medicine track at the University of Scranton. She plans to go to vet school to become a zoo/wildlife vet following her time at Scranton. She is a senior member of the Her Campus Scranton team. You can find her on Instagram (rachelkranick), Facebook (Rachel Kranick), and Twitter (@rachelkranick).
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