Scandal: Meet the Girl Boss Squad

I watched the series Scandal when I was in high school. Famous words to live by- WWOPD, meaning what would Olivia Pope do? However, my quarantine boredom has brought me back to re-watch the show. So, not only am I re-watching the series, but I am also catching up on new episodes. As I re-watch the series at a more mature stage of my life, I have more respect for Olivia and the female cast. I have a better understanding of the politics discussed on the show. 


Olivia Pope: 


The queen. The legend. The icon. The face of the oval. The one and only, Olivia Pope. Olivia Pope is a power hungry, problem fixer located in the heart of the nation's capital. Each episode she faces wild, and ruthless adversity that makes her not only question her self-worth, but purpose in this world. In the first few seasons, she is determined to wear a white hat, to match her wardrobe of strictly white business attire and Prada handbags. However, as I indulge in later seasons, I notice that Olivia now wears color- vibrant red, blue, purple, you name it. She evolves with the span of seven seasons. She becomes fiercer, and her heart becomes colder. 



Mellie Grant: 


I love Mellie. I know that’s an unpopular opinion. But, she’s been through so much. I would have to say she’s the most evolved character on the show. She went from being just a wife to the first female president of the United States. I enjoyed watching her and Olivia become friends. Sure, it was a major plot twist, but it happened. Mellie is strong. She is smart, and strategic. I love when she finds love aka Marcus Walker, it brings out a joyful side of her the audience has never seen. Mellie was determined to follow her dreams. And she did it. 



Quinn Perkins:


Quinn. Okay, in the first seasons, I was unsure how I felt about Quinn. But, she really grew on me. Deep down, Quinn has spent the seasons not only working tirelessly at OPA, but looking for someone to love her, someone to accept her. And that’s where Charlie comes in to play. Quinn and Charlie, yeah that’s a pretty odd couple. But, I’m happy for them. I’m right at the part in season six when Quinn goes wedding dress shopping with her maid of honor- Huck. In earlier seasons, Quinn’s life was turned upside. She woke up in a hotel room with a new identity… long story. But, she turned it around and made the best of a situation that really was out of her control and well, paygrade. Quinn is a girl boss. She gets answers. She doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants or what she’s looking for. And her punk rock style is total 10/10. 

Abby Whelan:


Abby and Olivia are best friends until the very end. Sure, sometimes their friendship is pretty bumpy due to the political battlefield. But, at the end of the day, they always have each other. After Olivia runs away to an island, Abby takes on the role as the president’s chief of staff. Though this powerful job disrupts her moral compass, she never loses herself. Abby is one of the most powerful people on the show- she runs the show behind the scenes. Yet, in season six, she causes quite the disruption when she accepts money from the evil duo that hails Mellie Grant. On multiple occasions, Abby comparisons herself to a monster. She is far from a monster. Though she is power hungry just like the rest of the girl boss squad, she is kind and cares about her loved ones. 


Susan Ross:


Last, but not least- Susan Ross. I think Susan is highly underrated. Come on, how can’t you love Susan Ross. She is pure and white hat good- she is an infant in the political atmosphere. What I admire about Susan the most is she makes decisions based on the good of the country, not to benefit her own personal life. She truly wants what is best for the republic. And although this trait tends to annoy her white house staff, she stands true to her beliefs.