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The Reality of Long Distance Relationships

As Nat and Alex Wolff sang in their hit song from the Naked Brother Band “Long Distance Relationships Will Kill You,” they are a lot of hard work and require a lot of attention. The person you love the most is away from you for long periods of time. That is never fun. But there’s always those couples that say things like, “long distance is so easy because we love each other so much.” I am here to tell you that this is almost never the case. Long distance is hard, period! Here’s what they’re really like:


You never have time to talk:

When you are free, your significant other is busy. When your significant other is free, you are busy (this happens to me every, single time!). Even when you guys sit down to make a schedule of when you guys can talk and plan everything out seemingly perfect, things just never seem to line up.


Fighting is 10000 times harder:

When you fight with your significant other face-to-face, making up is the best part, you get those butterflies because everything is good again, and, I mean, make-up sex, come on! But when you fight long distance, it is much harder to make up and move on. Things can be talked about but there’s no butterflies because even though your significant other said they’ve moved on, there’s not a true way to know when you’re not together. And well, there’s no way to have make up sex from 700 miles away!


Conversation is semi-difficult:

When you have a pretty boring day and don’t have much exciting things to talk about, FaceTime gets a bit awkward. Don’t get me wrong, gazing into each other’s eyes is cute and romantic… when it’s not through a phone screen. Especially not when it’s not at an awkward angle that just doesn’t flatter you whatsoever. Even more so when it’s in the treacherous lighting in your tiny dorm room that makes you look like a monster that has just come out from under the bed.


No kissing or even holding hands for prolonged amounts of time:

Every human being needs contact once in a while to live, and when you can’t even hold the hand of the only human you want to touch for 4 months at a time, IT SUCKS! When we are home, after a long day at work, I make my boyfriend come over and we just cuddle for hours and it is the greatest date ever. When we are at school, after a long day of classes, all I want is to cuddle with him, but instead I get to cuddle with my body pillow and listen to my quad-mates watch “Friends”. Not the ideal end to a tough day.


The silver lining:

But, I promise it’s not all bad. After being away from my boyfriend for 3-4 months at a time, getting to hug and kiss him is the most amazing feeling in the world. It makes you really appreciate the relationship that much more because you cherish your time together; every second counts. That’s what makes all this trouble and messiness worthwhile. So maybe the Naked Brother Band was a little dramatic when they said, “long distance relationships will kill you.” They won’t kill you, it may temporarily make your life a tad harder but then it eventually brings you home the person you love. 








Sabrina Verdi

Scranton '21

A Occupational Therapy student at the University of Scranton that lives off of stress, ice cream, and laughter.
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