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The Perks of Working at an Athleisure Store

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

Some people think having a retail job is the absolute worst, but I have to say it’s been pretty good so far. I work at a well-known athleisure store for women (and now men) and it’s been a lot of fun! There are so many perks that I have come across while working there.

Perk #1 The Discount

The discount is amazing, I get 50% regular priced items! It makes the clothes that we all usually complain about being too expensive more reasonable priced. It’s a 2 for 1 deal all the time, every day. But that also back fires because I buy more clothes because I think to myself “Well it’s half off!” It’s a double edge sword, haha. 

Perk #2 The work attire

I have to wear the product we sell, and I can’t complain at all. I love to wear athleisure and sneakers and the fact that I get to go to work in it makes it even better. I am always comfy and cute at work! It also helps sell product too because a customer will sometimes ask us “Where is the top you are wearing?” and boom we just made a sale. It also helps us help the customers about how things fit. If we know how it fits, then we can tell the customer. 

Perk #3 My personal wardrobe is improving 

My personal wardrobe is made up of the company I work for and one other brand that is non-athleisure/regular cute clothes. My work clothes are my usual wardrobe and I cannot complain. I love what I wear at work, so I wear it literally all the time. I wear it every day and when I work out. I wear the heck out of all the clothes so they’re worth buying. Also, my wardrobe is almost done changing from young high school to young adult now. I am also trying on clothes that I never thought I would wear. 

Perk #4 The customers

I know some customers can be super annoying, mean, rude, and make you think people are terrible, but there are the few that are super cool. So many people that are fitness instructors and that spend a lot of time traveling come in and shop. You learn about what they teach and where they go while you are helping them out! It’s awesome to find an interesting customer to talk to and help!

Perk #5 You learn about local businesses

I have learned about a lot of local businesses while working. The store does trunk shows at local businesses and has local businesses come into the store to set up a table! Every time we have a trunk show, I find out about a cool new gym with a trendy new workout. When we have a pop-up table, I learn about a local business. I’ve seen boxing glove covers, essential oils, massage therapy, vegan desserts, and so many more. 

Perk #6 I can fold clothes

Obviously at a clothing store, the product is folded in every which way, from easy in half to some weird complicated puzzle. I have learned how to fold clothes in different ways and can now fold my own clothes at home nice and neat. I can also fold more quickly and can fold some things without a flat surface. No more stuffing things into the drawers in a heap or messy folding jobs!

Perk #7 You get more comfortable with not caring what size you wear 

The store I work at, sizing is usually generous, but sometimes things run small. I usually wear one size but have learned that it is totally okay to go up or down in a size. It honestly doesn’t matter what size you are wearing because no one can see the size on the tag. After trying on so many of the clothes and going up and down in sizes, I’ve grown to become more comfortable with going up or down in sizes in any store. If it looks good, it looks good. The only important thing is that the store has the size you need so you can buy it that day!

Sarah Coulson

Scranton '21

Exercise science major on track to be a PT!
Gabriella Basile was CC and President of Her Campus Scranton during the 2018-2019 academic school year.